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Larrivée | Responsive E-commerce Website Redesign


Larrivée is a boutique guitar builder based in Oxnard, California. The brand's goal is to provide affordable luxury instruments for its players.

The company's current website is difficult to navigate as the information architecture for its main product line is unintuitive and daunting. The website also displays all of its accessories, parts, and merchandise on the same product listing page without an efficient tool for users to filter through its inventory. Although accessories, parts, and merchandise are directly available from Larrivée's website, their guitars can only be purchased through third-party dealers. Finally, the overall design and layout of the website feel outdated.

This e-commerce redesign involves reorganizing Larrivée's information architecture, implementing efficient navigation, adding a checkout process for all products, and overhauling the brand's design guide for both desktop and mobile platforms.


Yoon Han


November 2023 | 2-Week Sprint


Figma, Figjam, Whimsical

Understanding the User

I began this project by interviewing six potential users of Larrivée's website. All of these users had varying degrees of experience purchasing musical instruments, equipment, and accessories through online resources.

Here are some key insights and trends derived from user interviews:

  • Larrivée's current system of organizing their main product line of acoustic guitars is unintuitive and daunting for users to navigate.

  • The website's "Pro Shop" houses all 109 of its available accessories, parts, and merchandise on the same product listing page with minimal filtering options for users to narrow down their search.

  • Although products offered from the "Pro Shop" are directly available from Larrivee's website, the company's guitars can only be purchased through third-party dealers, forcing users to either redirect themselves to other storefronts or search for nearby dealers to shop for guitars in person.

  • The outdated design and layout of Larrivée's website instill a lack of confidence in users, causing a hesitation to place orders, even for inexpensive products.

Information Architecture

With acoustic guitars being the core product as well as the central identity of Larrivée's branding, I wanted to make sure that potential customers would run into the least amount of confusion when looking into the company's offerings. According to user interviews, shoppers naturally put more effort into researching purchases as they become more willing to spend more money. Providing easy access to all of the necessary information that users want to see before committing thousands of dollars on a new instrument became a high-priority focus for this redesign.

Product navigation organized by series specific to Larrivée's catalogue

Products represented by unintuitive model names consisting of a string of letters and numbers, followed by the series they fall under

Users expressed that browsing Larrivée's acoustic guitar product listing page felt overwhelming because there were over a hundred options covering a wide range of price points without clear differentiation between models. This was especially true for users who had less experience shopping for guitars due to the website's use of industry jargon. Even for the knowledgeable shopper, navigating through these products became tedious as they had to familiarize themselves with Larrivée's unique product organization system.

After researching competitors in the guitar market, I realized that other companies help shoppers narrow down the search for instruments by organizing catalogs through multiple types of categories while Larrivée only displays its guitars by series. The multiple options to filter products offered users